The Challenge

Woke up this morning

and both sides

of the bed

felt wrong.


took an istant

to convince me…

the day

was already

too long.


I was out of coffee


it was cigarettes too

Why hadn’t

I done the laundry


where in the hell

had I put

that shoe?

I hustled the kids

out the door

and scrambled 

towards the car,

Oh man,

I left 

the keys inside…

We weren’t going

very far.

I broke in

through the window

and somehow

tore my pants,

warned my children

NOT to giggle


ANY circumstance.

We had piled

into the car

after nearly

breaking my neck

for the keys,

that darn needle

never bothered

to budge…

it was sitting

right on ‘E.’

By then,

I was way

beyond angry

and definitely

seeing red,

I swear

I grabbed that

steering wheel…

with every



banging my head.


defiance and frustration

started playing

tug of war,

and I was way

past certain…

that I couldn’t

take much more.

“God help me…

if it KILLS me,

I’m going to

make it

through today”


in my

wildest dreams,

had I imagined

He would say…


4 Responses to “The Challenge”

  1. leander42 Says:

    I’m laughing so much I’m going to need a change of underwear. This is hilarious! And well written too.

  2. Robert Lewis Jr. Says:

    funny indeed.

  3. What a cute way to start a piece like this! The ending is brilliant too 🙂

  4. Thank you, I’ve definitely had my share of days like this. Writing this piece was a tremendous amount of fun….and it brought back quite a few memories. (Or was that yesterday….)

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