In Progress….

I’ve been working on some new projects lately, experimenting between acrylics, oils and mixed mediums. Thought I would share some of the progress. All feedback is welcome and gratefully appreciated.



Forest Falls






4 Responses to “In Progress….”

  1. I really like the last painting, Reflections. Is it oil / black gesso? It has a lot of energy, atmosphere, and feeling because of the brush strokes and colors. That sky looks like it is even more active than the waves of the water or like an timelapse photo of a starry sky.

    • Hi Kat, Yes it is Oil / Black Gesso. I was using an old canvas, already thick with paint and once I got started on this piece, the movement while painting was pretty wild. I’m usually a lot more meticulous, but this piece was also like a huge exhale of emotion for me. Looked more abstract than most of my artwork also…but I liked it too. Thank you for your comments, they are very much appreciated 🙂

  2. Love them all…Awesome…B

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