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Moving On

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as the pangs of hurt

begin to subside

and are replaced

by the dull ache

and awareness

of void.

The senses return

however raw

from the trauma

of  unexpected change

and loss.

Moments of yesterday

seep through

the pages of today

and melancholy

slips unhindered

from the corners

of your eyes.

Time is not your enemy

although it no longer

resembles a friend.

Faced with the mirror

of mortality

and a journey

that ultimately ends.

You search the heavens

for solace

and pray that someone hears

each aching beat

of your heart

and erases

the moment

that awakened fear.

When the realization


That the world

isn’t going to cease

merely because

you have no desire

to haul yourself

out of bed

that your responsibilities

will not

complete themselves

despite your wishing

they would.

Perhaps then,

you will begin

to acknowledge

that regardless

of how deep your sorrow

you are breathing still

and moving on

doesn’t mean

that you’ve forgotten.

It simply means

that you’re learning

to accept what happened


to continue living.


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I thought of you today

And wondered how you’ve been.

It’s been awhile now

And then, those letters

I’d meant to send.

Times are tough all over

You know how things can get,

What with kids & work & bills & things

Just slipped my mind

I guess.

I’ve picked up the phone

A hundred times

And knew that I should call,

But it was always too late

Or too Early,

So I just didn’t call at all.

I knew I should

Just make the trip

It’s really not that far,

But then,

There’s the price of gasoline

And the hassles with the car.

I read about you

In the paper tonight,

And I just can’t believe you’re gone…

I should have made the time for you

While you were…with me…

All along.

At What Point in Time

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At what point in time
did it become vital
to cross my legs at the knees
before a simple sneeze,
or cross a room
and have to rest
before I start to wheeze?

At what point in time
when I sat
did things settle
and the effort
require a nap,
when did I switch
between the pot & the kettle
and suddenly
desire a map?

At what point in time
did I start losing my teeth
where dentures
were the only choice,
and between the heartburn & snoring
I cringe
at the sound
of my voice?

At what point in time
did I simply relent
to wish on a star
just to open a jar
and despite my bodys descent,
Prayed for WD40
and begged the dear Lord
would He
mend all the joints
that were spent?

At what point in time
did my arms begin to recede
and shrivel too short to read,
why does the simple
act of standing
cause my knees
to plead?

At what point in time
did I develop
a counter balance
between my belly & bum,
why is it I barely
remember my name
or even where I’m from?

At what point in time
did my clothes cease to fit,
and my breasts
drop below
where I usually sit?

At what point in time
did my thighs
start to rub,
I fear the friction
may cause a fire,
I’m afraid, I could cry
and I don’t want to fry,
but the thought of running
makes me perspire.

At what point in time
did I start to send for a friend
when I merely
wanted to bend,
and though I never
intend to offend,
the farts depart more
in the end.

At what point in time
did I develop whiskers
and require various razors & creams,
when did I realize
with certainty,
I had Sasquatch
in my genes?

At what point in time
did my sense of smell
get shot to hell
and my age no longer lie,
when did passing a mirror
make me want to hide?

My reflection
is a joke
an image I’d like to poke,
wrinkles & sags
a hag wrapped in bags,
who I haven’t
the strength
to choke.

At what point in time
did creaks & groans
take the place
of sheets & moans,
and why now
when I’m grown,
would my mind be blown,
if I found myself

Beyond Justice to Mercy

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It seems I’ve imagined you

Most of my life

The source of my anger & strife.

Caught in the madness

The tears and the sadness

I’d imagined you

Out of my life.

Bound by my anger

Heart wounded & stripped

I demanded my right

To be heard.

Unscathed by your words

And led by my pride

I shut the door on compassion

And pulled justice inside.

Where is the mercy

That I’d hoped to find

It seems in my anger

I’d left it behind.

Now here I find you

Alone with your tears

Embraced with compassion

After all of these years.

No need to remember

Nothing to forgive

All these years wasted

In an effort to live.

Where is the angry

Heart that once fell

Victim to justice

Casting mercy toward Hell.

Wrapped in the arms

Of a grace unknown

Filled with a love

I might never have shown.

A Grain of Sand

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Walking along the beach one day

I paused to take in more

Transfixed by the oceans persistence

To somehow, conquer the shore.


Swift and furious

Relentlessly strong

The waves

Must have pummeled the beach

Until the day

Was nearly gone.


At times

It seemed as though

The ocean

Might have won

Then suddenly

It seemed to concede & retreat

As quickly

As it had come.


I marveled

At such power

As I stooped

To touch the sand

Confounded by the wisdom

I then sifted

From my hand.


I retained

A single

Grain of sand

And tossed it

Far from me


It was quickly conquered


By the sea.


I pondered

The heart

Of our Father

And the wisdom

Of His plan

The struggle


The earth & sea

The likeness

Of sand and man.


As I

Turned to leave

I knelt

To retrieve

Several grains of sand


That united

They form

The beach

Upon which I stand.


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We all know what thought did

While words got in the way,

Didn’t have a penny

What with hell to pay.

Caught up in the moment

He didn’t stand a chance,

Between a rock & a hard place

And under circumstance.

On the brighter side

Things couldn’t have gotten worse,

Unless Hell had frozen over

But then ‘That’…would have been a first.

I guess the moral of this story

Is always try to do your best,

Then thank your lucky stars

That God will help you with the rest.

A Single Rose

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The pages of my life

Though Tattered & torn

Bear witness to

A single rose

And it’s emergence from thorns.

Hope bore a single promise

That the sun would keep it warm

Should it struggle to the surface through

The obstacles that formed.

Hungry for the sunlight

Thirsting for the rain

It focused on the promise

And suffered through the pain.

The thorns clawed upon her petals

As she wrestled to be free

Echoing their laughter

With chants of ‘destiny.’

The journey bore new burden

“Twas the Judas’ kiss of doubt

And despite the shame of weakness

She then,

Clamored to get out.

Each dream descended

Like the first

Visions of the world beyond

Prompted by

The insatiable thirst

And the warmth

Of perpetual arms.

Faith had replaced

Her prior beliefs

With the promise

Of things to come


Would grant her freedom

And a chance

To glimpse the sun.

It seemed

She’d struggled

For an eternity

Before finally

Breaking ground

Only to discover darkness

A shroud of silence

All around.


Her despair grew heavy

As she crumpled

To the earth

Questioning the journey

It’s hardships and it’s worth.

Through her tears

The little rose grew quiet

Clutching the promise

She’d treasured within…

And as she glanced

Upon the horizon


Was about to begin.

Down for the Count

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…And then there was the time

I just knew I was right,

Thrust up my dukes

Ready to fight.

Had all the fancy footwork

I was jabbing left & right,

I’d knock that loudmouth senseless

Clear out of sight.

Well, I heard her step into the ring

And I gave a mighty swing,

Then the lights went out…

It was the damnedest thing.

Next thing I remember,

I was lying on the floor

Heard that loudmouth asking

If I was ready for some more.

Well it must have been

A glass chin,

Cause that baby

Had caved right in,

How was I 

Supposed to know,

That your

‘Conscience lies Within?

Mirror, Mirror

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Who told you

That you weren’t beautiful

That you were never meant to be,

Who chastised you

Then turned away

If you acted childishly?


Who silenced your laughter

And swung the rod

While demanding your respect,

All the while shouting

They only ‘gave’

What you ought to get?


Who told you

You were worthless

And flushed your self-esteem,

Who buried all your hopes & dreams

And taught you how to scream?


For years

You’ve known tears & heartache

Disillusionment & fear,

Who told you

They were yours to carry,

Yours alone to bear?


Should you happen upon a mirror

And take the time to see,

The beautiful eyes looking back at you

May one day look at me.


Please ask them to be gentle

As they search within your soul,

Longing for the answers

You hope will make you whole.


Allow your heart to surface

And the tears you’ve held within,

Release your heavy burden

So that healing…might begin.


In the stillness

Of the moment,

Now down on bended knee

Know the good Lord’s loving you…

Just as He does me.


Embrace the power

Of His touch

And all you were meant to be,

If you listen

With your heart

You’ll possess the key.


Awaken the sound

Of your laughter

Grant your dreams their flight,

It doesn’t matter

What you were told…

That doesn’t make it ‘right.’


Who said

The battle’s over?

In fact,

It’s just begun…

And if you can learn

To love yourself…

Then you’ve already won.

The Race

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Sometimes I get discouraged

Not knowing what to do,

When it seems, I’ve tried my hardest

Just to struggle through.

I rush and work

Then lose my place

In an effort,

To pick up the pace.

For every little step forward

I’m suddenly behind,

Questioning my direction

And all I’d hoped to find.

At times, 

I feel confused

And everything seems wrong,

Then suddenly,

I’m feeling tired

And not the least bit strong.

So I close my eyes

And rest awhile,

And let the tears begin

Until I start to remember…

There’s no Race

For me to win.

Beneath the hustle & hurry

Are the things

I’d thought I lost,

More precious to me

Than diamonds,

Far dearer

Than any cost.

Two little arms

Around my neck,

A kiss, and maybe a smile

For any one of these,

I’d run countless miles.

“I love you mommy”

Brings me back,

And I can’t help but grin…

To think

I’ve already claimed the prize…

For a Race

I didn’t win.