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Eleven days and counting

Everyone’s moved on with their lives

Including me

Business as usual

But there’s nothing ‘usual’ about it.

In the forefront of my mind

I know you’re gone

And there’s nothing I can do

To change it

I can’t turn back time

I can’t fix ‘this’

And it kills me

That we all keep clicking away

Like you were never here at all.

Your picture is so vivid

In my mind

It can’t be real

You’re just away

Like any other day.

It all went down so wrong

Nothing to show you belonged

Everyone crying

Everyone fighting

But nobody’s fighting for you

Everyone wanting something

To build memories

From fragments of you

So much time was wasted

When we should have

Been loving you.

It’s fine to say

“I wish I had”

And “Momma, I miss you now”

But where were those words

When you needed them

And why should they

Matter now?

The world keeps spinning

And my mind keeps reeling

My feet don’t touch the ground

I’ll never get used

To missing you

Or not having you around.

A Single Rose

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The pages of my life

Though Tattered & torn

Bear witness to

A single rose

And it’sĀ emergenceĀ from thorns.

Hope bore a single promise

That the sun would keep it warm

Should it struggle to the surface through

The obstacles that formed.

Hungry for the sunlight

Thirsting for the rain

It focused on the promise

And suffered through the pain.

The thorns clawed upon her petals

As she wrestled to be free

Echoing their laughter

With chants of ‘destiny.’

The journey bore new burden

“Twas the Judas’ kiss of doubt

And despite the shame of weakness

She then,

Clamored to get out.

Each dream descended

Like the first

Visions of the world beyond

Prompted by

The insatiable thirst

And the warmth

Of perpetual arms.

Faith had replaced

Her prior beliefs

With the promise

Of things to come


Would grant her freedom

And a chance

To glimpse the sun.

It seemed

She’d struggled

For an eternity

Before finally

Breaking ground

Only to discover darkness

A shroud of silence

All around.


Her despair grew heavy

As she crumpled

To the earth

Questioning the journey

It’s hardships and it’s worth.

Through her tears

The little rose grew quiet

Clutching the promise

She’d treasured within…

And as she glanced

Upon the horizon


Was about to begin.