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A Grain of Sand

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Walking along the beach one day

I paused to take in more

Transfixed by the oceans persistence

To somehow, conquer the shore.


Swift and furious

Relentlessly strong

The waves

Must have pummeled the beach

Until the day

Was nearly gone.


At times

It seemed as though

The ocean

Might have won

Then suddenly

It seemed to concede & retreat

As quickly

As it had come.


I marveled

At such power

As I stooped

To touch the sand

Confounded by the wisdom

I then sifted

From my hand.


I retained

A single

Grain of sand

And tossed it

Far from me


It was quickly conquered


By the sea.


I pondered

The heart

Of our Father

And the wisdom

Of His plan

The struggle


The earth & sea

The likeness

Of sand and man.


As I

Turned to leave

I knelt

To retrieve

Several grains of sand


That united

They form

The beach

Upon which I stand.

Down for the Count

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…And then there was the time

I just knew I was right,

Thrust up my dukes

Ready to fight.

Had all the fancy footwork

I was jabbing left & right,

I’d knock that loudmouth senseless

Clear out of sight.

Well, I heard her step into the ring

And I gave a mighty swing,

Then the lights went out…

It was the damnedest thing.

Next thing I remember,

I was lying on the floor

Heard that loudmouth asking

If I was ready for some more.

Well it must have been

A glass chin,

Cause that baby

Had caved right in,

How was I 

Supposed to know,

That your

‘Conscience lies Within?

Mirror, Mirror

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Who told you

That you weren’t beautiful

That you were never meant to be,

Who chastised you

Then turned away

If you acted childishly?


Who silenced your laughter

And swung the rod

While demanding your respect,

All the while shouting

They only ‘gave’

What you ought to get?


Who told you

You were worthless

And flushed your self-esteem,

Who buried all your hopes & dreams

And taught you how to scream?


For years

You’ve known tears & heartache

Disillusionment & fear,

Who told you

They were yours to carry,

Yours alone to bear?


Should you happen upon a mirror

And take the time to see,

The beautiful eyes looking back at you

May one day look at me.


Please ask them to be gentle

As they search within your soul,

Longing for the answers

You hope will make you whole.


Allow your heart to surface

And the tears you’ve held within,

Release your heavy burden

So that healing…might begin.


In the stillness

Of the moment,

Now down on bended knee

Know the good Lord’s loving you…

Just as He does me.


Embrace the power

Of His touch

And all you were meant to be,

If you listen

With your heart

You’ll possess the key.


Awaken the sound

Of your laughter

Grant your dreams their flight,

It doesn’t matter

What you were told…

That doesn’t make it ‘right.’


Who said

The battle’s over?

In fact,

It’s just begun…

And if you can learn

To love yourself…

Then you’ve already won.