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This Morning…

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November 22, 2014.

Standing in the kitchen with Tyler he holds up my hand and looks at it. Then turns it around so the palm is facing me. “Mom, do you know why there are spaces between our fingers”? I shook my head no in reply. “Why,” I asked. He placed his fingers between mine, clasping my hand tightly. “So someone else can fill them.”

“I love that,” I told him. “I’ll remember that forever. “I knew you would,” he said. “I thought it was a good time to tell you.”

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The Race

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Sometimes I get discouraged

Not knowing what to do,

When it seems, I’ve tried my hardest

Just to struggle through.

I rush and work

Then lose my place

In an effort,

To pick up the pace.

For every little step forward

I’m suddenly behind,

Questioning my direction

And all I’d hoped to find.

At times, 

I feel confused

And everything seems wrong,

Then suddenly,

I’m feeling tired

And not the least bit strong.

So I close my eyes

And rest awhile,

And let the tears begin

Until I start to remember…

There’s no Race

For me to win.

Beneath the hustle & hurry

Are the things

I’d thought I lost,

More precious to me

Than diamonds,

Far dearer

Than any cost.

Two little arms

Around my neck,

A kiss, and maybe a smile

For any one of these,

I’d run countless miles.

“I love you mommy”

Brings me back,

And I can’t help but grin…

To think

I’ve already claimed the prize…

For a Race

I didn’t win.